Core Services

Software Development


The following are some of the services that are provided by our team at Britech Information Systems Ltd.

Planning & Development

Assist in the definition of hardware and software needs.
Determine hardware specifications.
Assist in the planning and design of local area networks.

Product Development

Incorporate new technology and functionality into our existing software to meet client needs.
Design and develop new software products in response to new innovations.
Produce Interfaces with instrumentation/analyzers and other software products.
Provide for electronic exchange of data with external agencies.

Software Installation

Conversion of existing database files.
Installation of Britech software products.
Implement security options as required by the client.
Design and provide training programs for users.


Product Maintenance

Provide ongoing support either during normal business hours or as a 24-hour option.
Provide software upgrades to meet general requirements as defined by third parties.

HL7 Compliance

At Britech, we understand that often a one-vendor solution for an organization’s entire software needs is not possible. Given the complexities of today’s health care environment and the reality of fiscal and human factors involved in software selection, we have made the commitment to provide our clients with a number of options to seamlessly interface with their existing, or newly purchased applications. Our primary interface systems utilize HL7 standards in real-time connectivity with other healthcare applications.

Our staff has extensive knowledge in the development of interfaces based on other criteria as well, depending on the requirements of other third party applications. We have successfully interfaced with other vendor applications, for example in the maintenance of patient demographic data and linking Diagnostic Imaging encounters with PACS. In addition to interfacing with vendor software applications, we have extensive experience in providing real-time interfaces with a variety of laboratory analyzers sold by various manufacturers. A wide variety of data formats, as defined by the third party systems, can be accommodated utilizing a variety of communication methodologies including: TCP-IP, serial connection, and network files.


Environmental Solutions

Synova Diagnostics Inc. provides two core solutions to the environmental community. The staff of Synova Diagnostics has more than 25 years of combined experience in the fields of biochemistry and microbiology. Our goal is to bring that experience to bear in the local community by providing access to competitively priced microbiology and chemical analysis of drinking water.

With several decades of experience in Lab Information Systems, Synova has also designed an efficient, user friendly, software product called SynovaLab. This software captures all relevant data for Water Analysis Labs and provides electronic reporting of results and invoicing. With built in Bar coding and Web access for results reporting, SynovaLab is a leader in its field.