TRACE – Trend Analysis

TRACE© v2.2

Britech’s risk management software, TRACE©, is designed for any industry that undertakes a risk management program. TRACE© simplifies the tracking and analysis of unusual occurrences, reducing an organization’s liability exposure. It provides managers with access to current data for trending and benchmarking to identify and support best practice.

TRACE© has a database that is completely definable by the facility, with the end user maintaining control over both the data collections and reporting processes.
Facilities define the fields to be included in the database for the capture of facility-specific events (incidents, complaints, compliments, assault/abuse, risk factors, program auditing, satisfaction surveys, infections, and more). These fields may include: department names, incident types, contributing factors, personnel involved, the recommended follow-up and more. TRACE© is customized to match an organization’s forms, definitions and cultural language.
The system is able to analyze not only patient events, but also employee, visitor and property events.
Units/departments/services can also be attributed to a program offered at a facility, or a specific physical site in a multi-site facility.
With the ability to edit the original TRACE© setup and the development of more than one database, the user is able to address and meet changing needs.
The linking of related events and the range of report options available allow managers to see developing patterns of risk that can permit earlier intervention and possibly avert future incidents.
An audit trail maintains a record of when and by whom events were created, modified, deleted or notified.
The application’s security function allows central managers to determine which users gain access to specific system functionality.
Report features include the provision of a graphic display of data for easy analysis and comparison, and the viewing, printing or copying/pasting of data.
Time of Day, Day of Week, Day of Month, and Month of Year analysis options are available for graphic reports with data easily exported to Excel or Quattro-Pro for data manipulation and statistical analysis.
… plus many more features.