Operational Readiness

Operational Readiness, OPR© v5.1b

Britech’s Operational Readiness application, OPR©, was developed with input received from members of the Canadian Department of National Defense’s Medical Division. Individuals representing the various professionals involved with DND Medical Operations worked closely with Britech staff to produce a software solution to meet their unique needs. OPR© has many features that would also be commonly used in civilian primary care operations. A flexible scheduling module includes resource utilization reporting, daily sick parade documentation to track sick leave, vaccine databases to record immunization requirements for members and chart tracking capabilities to ensure quick access to patient documentation.

OPR©’s comprehensive patient database maintains a database of member demographic information for quick access by all software modules.
Providers may input progress notes of observations made during an examination or treatment regime into free text fields. Once electronically signed, text notes are maintained indefinitely without change.
Maintain a database of patient specific information regarding medical conditions, interventions and more. Include data such as problem description with date of assessment, medication commencement/termination date and procedure description and date. Once the treatment regime for a particular condition has been completed the record may be electronically signed.
Maintain a history of normal and temporary medical categories assigned to the member throughout his/her career.
Calculate medical category expiry dates by predefined criteria based on occupational category and age, or through user defined custom medical expiry calculations.
Maintain records of patient’s medical disposition summaries including: current status, disposal action, effective/expiry dates and authorizations.
Document the receipt or release of member’s medical record(s) posting or other events requiring movement of medical records between locations.
The Vaccine Management Module maintains a database of vaccines used in immunization and the current and historical vaccine administration records for members. Precautions/Contraindications are displayed prior to administration. Calculate return/booster date for each person.
Determine member’s operational readiness on the basis of general medical fitness and vaccine requirements (Core, Operation and Destination requirements).
LabLink, RadLink and RxLink provides an electronic link to Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging and Pharmacy information systems for the review and receipt of the results of examinations and tests, as well as determination of the status of same.
A complete scheduling module is available for the scheduling of patient appointments. User defined templates are utilized for the generation of appointment schedules which may be sorted on the basis of provider or procedure. Time blocks may be added or deleted without affecting the original schedule template.
… plus many more features.