Nomad – Surveyor

Nomad-Surveyor© v2.64d

Britech’s Nomad-Surveyor© software is a comprehensive application designed to meet the needs of modern contact centres. The software incorporates all of the functionality required to efficiently and effectively operate inbound/outbound call centres. The software is available as a hosted web-based service or enterprise edition installed onsite.

The robust database design facilitates the design of multiple surveys for multiple projects. The survey designer allows you to configure and customize all aspects of the survey from the presentation of questions to complex functions within the survey, including “go to” functionality and rosters.
Voices over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions are available within the software. Contact monitoring and recording options are available with the VoIP functionality.
The various configurations available support virtual call centres where the software and related hardware are located in one location with call centre staff connected remotely.
User defined scripts are available for viewing throughout the application to provide a quick reference to staff during contacts.
The automatic or manual setting of priorities for contacts, combined with the capability to assign call center staff specific call types, offer managers a powerful tool to control calls according to existing conditions.
User defined quotas with real time reporting provide instant feedback on the various characteristics of the sample contacted, and those queued for contact.
Short and long form activity diaries are included specifically for travel/time use surveys with activities coded according to user defined activity codes.
Nomad-Surveyor© includes a flexible data export function that allows the user to export data elements to a .csv file. The versatile functionality permits the export of all results, the results of specific contacts flagged by the user or elements of the database defined by the user for specific contacts.
… plus many more features.